"Treating the active person is both my specialty and my passion!"

Dr. Taylor first graduated from Elon University with BS degree in Exercise Science. During her time at Elon she worked with many teams during her internships, both as an athletic trainer and as a strength and conditioning coach. From there she went on to higher education at Logan University. There she earned a master's degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation as well as her Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree. 

In her past, Dr. Taylor has played basketball, lacrosse, and tennis; as well as being an accomplished equestrian. Since her time in organized sports, she has completed seven full marathons, placed third in a novice bodybuilding competition, and competed in CrossFit. She currently maintains an active lifestyle of weightlifting, CrossFit, running, hiking, and snowboarding. 

Dr. Taylor focuses on treating the active population because she knows what being an athlete takes clinically and personally. She also truly believes that movement is medicine - both physically and mentally. It is her passion to help those around her reach their movement goals and feel their best!




Dr. Ashley Jefferies graduated with her bachelors degree in Natural Science from Hawaii Pacific University. She continued her education in Southern California, graduating from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 2013. She has gained experience over the years both in solo practice and as part of a team in prenatal and pediatric practices.

Dr. Ashley first experienced chiropractic as a sophomore in high school due to a sport’s injury. After the success of her care, she became a huge advocate for Chiropractic and has since learned more about the benefits of not only relief of pain, but the proper functioning of the entire body.


While in Chiropractic school, Dr. Ashley went on a Chiropractic Mission Trip to Peru to share the gift of chiropractic with those in desperate need. It was there that she was able to see and adjust hundreds of people from all walks of life, age 7 months old to 97 years old, and found her passion for helping mother's to be and children.

While she has spent extra time studying and learning about preconception, pregnancy and pediatrics, she takes care of individuals of all ages. From her experience, she knows that creating a healthy foundation with the least amount of interference is the best chance for success. Her mission is a healthy lifestyle for the whole family, there is no ONE that chiropractic excludes!

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Dr. Will

Dr. Will Santos was born in Chicago in the late 80's, during the Golden Era of Chicago sports. He loves discussing all things related to the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, or Cubs. He grew up on a horse farm in NW Virginia with his mom, stepfather, and two brothers. He played basketball, football, and ran track in high school. 

Dr. Santos attended the College at William & Mary and Shenandoah University where he played football, was a 2-time academic All American, and received his Bachelors in Kinesiology specializing in Exercise Science.

In 2008 Dr. Santos was diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue cancer which he valiantly defeated. This experience, in addition to his Mom's lifelong battle with Lupus, and his passion for holistic health and helping people, motivated him to pursue a career in Chiropractic. He earned a graduate degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange Florida and finished his Doctorate in 2012.

He went on to work in New York City in a scoliosis-specific clinic for a year, before moving to Texas to work with a sports and soft tissue injury-oriented practice. There, he had the pleasure to work with high-profile members of the Dallas Cowboys, Stars, Mavericks, and nationally ranked CrossFit athletes. He has also had the opportunity to help several medal-winning Olympians stay strong and healthy through their training to achieve their goals. 

Dr. Santos works with patients of every age, from infants to grandparents, from elite athletes to weekend warriors, and anyone who simply wants to feel and move better. He uses an evidence-based approach to deliver treatments that provide resolution to a wide variety of ailments including neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, sciatica, shoulder injuries, golfers/tennis elbow, knee pain, tendonitis, and many other musculoskeletal issues through manual manipulation and soft tissue therapy.

When Dr. Santos isn’t treating patients he loves spending time with his American Bulldog Roxi, maintaining his fitness with weight lifting, yoga, cycling, and hiking. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys mountain and rock climbing, mushroom foraging, and nature photography.