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Click the link to explore our storefront on Amazon. It includes soft tissue tools, recommended supplements, at-home workout equipment, our favorite ergonomic tools, & more!  

Our Favorite Products

This is the same model that we use in the office at almost every appointment.  Great for working on fatigued muscles after a long hike, hard workout, or  a day on the computer.


The old stand by. Highly recommend to use as a warm up or recovery tool. Great for sore legs, hips, and backs.


For anyone looking to improve their foot function, who is a weightlifter, or anyone experiencing foot pain, these are a must! They help to correct bunions and other structural problems. They also help to increase the response from our intrinsic foot muscles. A must have!


This tool is just nice to have on hand for those pesky knots in your shoulders and neck. It also has many creative lower body uses as well. Again, a must have!


So simple, yet so many individuals don't own one. Don't just buy one, grab three: one for home, one for work, and one for your gym bag!


Tape is a crowd pleaser! Grab some to have on hand incase you need it between appointments - use tape to help combat lower back pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, knee pain, among others. We are happy to record a "how to" video for you to know how to apply it be tween appointments!


This tool helps to reduce soft tissue friction under your skin and around your joints. In our opinion this is one of the most underrated mobility tools on the market!

Rehband Knee Sleeves.jpg

Knee sleeves, why not? These help your knees stay warm, lubricated, and compressed which helps you to move more comfortably through a full range of motion longer. Not just for weightlifters!


Our absolute favorite rolling stick. It never pinches your skin and is great for all of our runners!


This was one of the first products we brought into the office and it remains a staple. This peanut helps to roll out the smaller muscles around your spine and can be used anywhere you use a lacrosse ball. A must have for any of you who travel!


A softer ball that is great for visceral manipulation as well as rolling out more tender areas, and for one of our absolute favorite shoulder rehab exercises!


Portable lumbar support that is great for use in your office chair or in your car for support while driving. Highly recommended for anyone experiencing lower back pain.

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