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I've Got a Coach for That...

Have you noticed a trend recently? Coaching is becoming a booming industry. You name it, there is a coach for it. Additionally, more and more people seem to be seeking the guidance of personal development coaches to help them meet their goals, and we are here for it!

Coaching by definition is the prompting or urging of someone with instructions through private teaching. In other words, a coach will teach you the skills necessary to help you get from point A to point B and will offer ongoing support as you implement these skills. At times we need a coach because we are missing the "how". We may know what we want but do not know how to achieve it. Other times we may know what to do, but are struggling to implement it. A coach will be able to support you in either of these circumstances.

At first, health coaching may seem vague but that is because each individual needs support in different areas to improve their overall health. It is important to recognize that not everyone's health journey looks the same, health coaching as an industry does just that. Unlike nutritionists that specifically work with diet change, licensed therapists who are trained in mental health, or personal trainers who write exercise programs, health coaches are able to address a myriad of health-related concerns. Concerns such as unsuccessful diet habits, negative self-talk, a lack of confidence, navigating the balance between a busy schedule and a healthy lifestyle, out of whack sleep patterns, exercise routines, stress management, and general habit change. The title is vague because the service is all-encompassing and should be tailored to the goals of the individual.

Health coaches use skills such as motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help you uncover what it is you truly desire and what has blocked you from achieving it to this point. They then help you to make small, compounding, and approachable lifestyle modifications that eventually get you on the path towards improved health. A well-trained health coach will never tell you what to do but will help guide you towards what it is you want to be doing for yourself. The accountability that comes with having a coach is unparalleled. This alone will help you get to where you want to be much faster than when you try to make these same changes on your own.

Here at Function First Chiropractic, we are no exception to the trend. We are now offering health coaching as a means of helping our patients to further improve their health. Our care has always extended past the walls of the office, but now it is official. In April of 2022, Dr. Taylor completed a certification program to become both a health and a lifestyle coach, a certification she had been pursuing for almost a year. She felt passionate about being able to do more for our patients, their health, and others who may not be able to receive care within the office.

Working with Dr. Taylor as your health coach would help you to get clear on what exactly it is you are trying to achieve with your health or your lifestyle. It will help you to identify areas in which you feel unfulfilled. Her program will help you to understand both what has worked for you in the past and what has not gotten you any closer to achieving your goals. While working together you will discover your inner healthiest self and feel empowered to take actions that further elevate your health. You will feel confident in your overall knowledge of health and wellness, as well as what "healthy" means for you. You will discover the motivation from within that will drive you to make real, lasting changes. You will do and achieve all of this while respecting the demands of your lifestyle, job, family, and social life.

As with chiropractic, with health coaching, we address the root cause of your current patterns. We increase your awareness of these patterns and offer you the tools to correct them. We are not interested in providing the quick fix, but rather creating sustainable habit change that will serve you continuously as you develop into the healthiest version of yourself, inside and out!

If you are interested in working with Dr. Taylor, please book a free discovery session here.


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