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What's in an Adjustment?

“I just feel tight”, “my back always feels stiff”, these are just a couple of phrases I hear daily in the office. Tightness, stiffness, and overall discomfort are complaints that are easily improved with a chiropractic adjustment. While I offer a plethora of state of the art manual skills in addition to the adjustment, I am first and foremost proficient at delivering chiropractic adjustments. I pride myself on being precise in determining which tissues are involved in creating your discomfort. There are many potential culprits such as soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and tendons, but also components of the nervous system, or joint segment dysfunction. If it is the later, that is the ideal time to utilize my chiropractic roots and treat that joint with a specific adjustment.

Most of the joints in the body are meant to move in some capacity. Chiropractors are specially trained in the anatomy and biomechanics of the body, to know which joints are supposed to move and in which directions they are supposed to move in to function optimally. During an evaluation, I use global, gross, and micro-movements to evaluate the health of the joints in the area of your stiffness or pain, as well as other areas that may be contributing unbeknownst to you. If an area that is supposed to move is not moving as well as it should, we use a fast and specific force, commonly known as an adjustment, into the joint restriction in order to recreate the natural movement that should be present.

People often try to “crack their own back”, this is very different from an adjustment from a trained professional. When you “crack” yourself there is no way to know what joints are truly restricted or that the movement you create is specific to the joint that needs an adjustment. This often creates instability in joints that are already able to move on their own and often causes more harm than good, without addressing the actual problem. As a chiropractor, I am well trained and practiced to determine what treatments will be most beneficial to your individual case and deliver the appropriate and effective adjustment, if that’s truly what you need.

What sets my practice apart from other more traditional chiropractors is that if an adjustment is not what you need as a part of your treatment, I have other techniques to use in order to treat the root cause and get you feeling better. Even better, is that I often use these techniques in conjunction with an adjustment so that I treat all tissues contributing to your discomfort. I aim to be a one stop shop for any of your aches and pains, whether you’re a high level athlete, a weekend warrior, or just a person who wants to feel their best.

In Health,

Dr. Taylor


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