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At each appointment Dr. Taylor will work towards determining the root cause of your pain or dysfunction. From there a unique combination of treatments tailored to your individual needs will be used. Her thoughtful and personalized approach shows that she is fully committed to the health and well-being of all her patients. Read below to find out more details about services she provides.

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I.A.S.T.M. is similar to A.R.T. and other soft tissue therapy in both it's application and treatment goals. This specific technique involves the use of a stainless steel tool along soft tissues. The tool can be used to mobilize soft tissues. It is also used as a way to tap into the nervous system; which helps to reduce the pain signals traveling from the area of pain to your conscious awareness. Lastly, it increases blood flow to the area of complaint; improving circulation of nutrients and removal of cellular waste to/from the area.


This technique is a form of trigger point therapy. It uses acupuncture gauge needles to go into the trigger points/muscle belly of taut muscles. This has a mechanical, chemical, and electrical effect on the muscle. Use of this technique stimulates an inflammatory response, which promotes healing; as well as increases the threshold of muscle activation, which reduces tension within the tissue.


A technique that was first seen in Eastern medicine practices has migrated into western medicine. In this application plastic cups are used to create a seal between your skin and the cup. This creates negative pressure over the area promoting blood and fluid flow into the area to improve tissue healing. This is another technique that is often combined with movement. The combination of decompression and movement improves glide between fascial layers. This translates into improved range of motion and decreased tension.


The use of smaller, micro-movements to improve biomechanics and movement patterns. Repetitive performance of these movements create lasting change, so the body moves more correctly and efficiently. This both prolongs the relief achieved with treatment as well as prevents future injury/re-injury.


This is a manual technique used to address soft tissue restriction or "tightness". A.R.T. specifically combines deep pressure and movement in the area of your complaint. With soft tissue therapy of all kinds, the treatment is addressing the function of connective tissue, muscles, the nervous system, ligaments, and tendons.


Chiropractic adjustments are specific forces put into a joint that is determined to be moving less than it should be or functioning below its optimal capacity. The objective is to reintroduce movement into the area as well as provide a neurological reset, with the ultimate goal of reducing pain and improving overall joint function. To accomplish this a combination of adjusting techniques such as Diversified, Activator, Thompson Drop, and light mobilizations are used.


Tape has been around the world of athletics for many years, however kinesiology tape plays a much different role than the stiff, white tape. It also has multiple applications. For one, it provides neurological input to the sensory system when placed over an area of pain, this decreases the transmission of pain signals. Secondly, it can be used to increase skin lift which allows for increased fluid movement in and out of the area. Lastly, it can provide a tactical cue to improve posture or movement patterns.

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Compression therapy is a way of promoting blood flow into and out of tired muscles. It helps with muscle recovery, decreasing soreness related to activity, and feels like an intense massage, but just for your legs!


Cold laser therapy is a conservative treatment that yields incredible results. This tool is primarily great for mitigating inflammation from an acute injury. The light, which is emitted at a specific wavelength helps reduce pain and swelling immediately. It also stimulates the healing process on a cellular level, reducing the total time it takes to heal. 

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Infrared Sauna Therapy

Enter full relaxation mode with your favorite audiobook, podcast, or simply 45-minutes of silence in our infrared sauna blanket. During this 45-minute session, you will enjoy infrared heat exposure up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Infrared sauna therapy helps to help reduce inflammation, improve performance, decrease muscle soreness, decrease recovery time, improve circulation, decrease stress, and improve sleep.

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