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To Sit or to Stand, That is the Question...

"Sitting is the new smoking" is a fun slogan that has been thrown around recently, and the stand-up desk retailers are in heaven! Is there truth to this statement? Absolutely! However, I would prefer to see something more accurate, such as, "sedentary is the new smoking".

Any time you remove movement from the system there are consequences. Therefore a standing desk may not solve all of your issues, but standing/moving more often during your day may be exactly what you need. Incorporating movement into your otherwise sedentary 8-5 is the key. What does this mean? Set reminders to get up and do an office lap, bring a smaller water bottle so you have to go to the water station more frequently, vary between sitting and standing if possible, perform the "figure 4" stretch (rest your ankle on top of your opposite knee) when sitting, use half of your lunch to perform exercises and stretches that prevent your posture from molding to your work environment.

Not all of you work the typical office job but many people drive daily and this Colorado traffic also contributes to increasing your time spent on your derriere. Therefore, a great time to use your standing desk, if you have one, is first thing in the morning right after you finish your commute. If you are not an office dweller and your car is your place of business, try to arrive early to showings or meetings in order to take a brief walk or lap before it begins. If you are truly car-ridden take walks around the gas station when filling up for gas. The age-old movement hacks such as parking further away and taking the stairs work too.

I have LOTS of exercises I often prescribe to patients in an effort to combat the daily ergonomic stresses of making a living. Feel free to make an appointment for a postural evaluation as well as a further instruction on specific exercises that may be helpful to you.

In Health,

Dr. Taylor


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