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"Cupping Therapy: Bridging Ancient Techniques with Modern Wellness in Chiropractic Care"


In the world of holistic health, wellness, and chiropractic care, various complementary therapies are gaining popularity for their potential to enhance healing. Cupping therapy is one such technique that has ancient roots and is making a resurgence in modern wellness practices. We have been integrating cupping therapy with chiropractic care since our inception in 2018. In this blog post, we'll explore the Western perspective on cupping therapy, shedding light on what cupping therapy is, how it works, and its potential benefits in conjunction with chiropractic care.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is an alternative healing practice with a history dating back thousands of years, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. The therapy involves placing specialized cups on to the skin to create a suction effect. These cups can be made of glass, bamboo, silicone, or plastic, and practitioners may use different methods, such as fire or mechanical pumps, to create the suction. Here at FFC, we utilize a combination of plastic as well as silicone cups and we typically use a mechanical pump. No fire cupping here! The mechanical pump allows us to control the level of suction that is applied and can therefore create a more individualized experience.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

Cupping therapy, has transitioned into Western wellness practices with a more contemporary understanding. Rather than emphasizing the flow of energy, as seen in Eastern philosophy, Western practitioners including our providers here at FFC, often view cupping as a means to stimulate blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, improve range of motion and promote tissue healing.

During a cupping session, the cups are placed on specific areas of concern. As the cups create suction, they draw the skin and underlying tissues upward, promoting blood flow to the area and decreasing tissue adhesion. This increased blood circulation helps to reduce inflammation, relax tense muscles, and promote healing, While the decompression of the skin and underlying tissues works to improve tissue glide, therefore improving one’s range of motion.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy:

  • Pain Relief: The increased blood flow as a result of cupping therapy can help reduce inflammation and promote healing. Therefore, cupping therapy helps to alleviate musculoskeletal pain, making it a valuable complement to chiropractic adjustments.

  • Improved Range of Motion: By creating physical separation between underlying tissue layers, promoting relaxation, and improved blood circulation cupping may contribute to increased flexibility and improved range of motion.

  • Injury Recovery: Cupping therapy's ability to promote tissue healing as a result of the increased oxygenation and nutrients provided by the increased blood flow can be advantageous for individuals recovering from injuries.

  • Stress Reduction: Cupping therapy's relaxing effect on the nervous system can contribute to stress reduction, supporting the overall well-being of our patients. This is similar to the nervous system regulation that is a byproduct of chiropractic adjustments.


When viewed through Western philosophy, Cupping therapy emerges as a versatile and complementary approach to chiropractic care. While it may not be a standalone solution, its integration into a comprehensive treatment plan can enhance the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. We regularly combine cupping and chiropractic in an effort to decrease injury healing time, improve range of motion, decrease the feeling of tightness, and to reduce pain. It is absolutely a favorite modality among our patients, mostly due to it's effectiveness. However, as with any modality, cupping may not be right for everyone. Your provider will determine the suitability of cupping therapy for your individual health needs. This is why it is important to receive cupping therapy from a trained professional. We look forward to being your providers of choice for all of your cupping and chiropractic needs!


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